Smart Memory Image Analyzer
Debug Tool

In embedded real-time systems the phenomenon of random software failures are known to cause crashes. Among the well known causes of these crashes are CPU exceptions as a result of illegal memory accessing, different kinds of deadlocks including "CPU starving" and memory problems such as stack overflow, vector overflow and memory leaks.

Real Time Bug Free Ltd. (R.T.B.F.) is proud to offer revolutionary software called Smart Memory Analyzer (SMA). The SMA is a software debug tool that enables pinpointing the bugs that are causing random failures in the application based on a real-time operating system (RTOS). The SMA application makes a full analysis of the complete core dump of the problematic system. It enables the programmer team to pinpoint the problems quickly and easily.

The SMA currently supports the VxWorks TM RTOS.

VxWorks and Diab are a registered trademark of WindRiver Systems, Inc.